A GreenWorks mold assessment starts with a full visual inspection of the given property.  The inspector will be searching for any visible mold growth as well as conducive conditions.  Conducive conditions for mold growth include, but not limited to, water penetration in the walls, floors, or ceilings, areas of excessive moisture build up, lack of ventilation, and high humidity levels.  The inspector will conduct a plumbing inspection, as well as perform an infrared inspection to observe any hidden areas of leaking within the walls, ceilings, or floors. 


Mold is a part of the natural environment, and is present almost everywhere in everyday life.  Outdoors, molds break down leaves, dead trees, and other organic matter.  Mold can slowly destroy the things they grown on.  Mold may start to grow indoors on wet, or damp surfaces.  

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What is included in a Mold Inspection?

In addition to the inspection described above, the GreenWorks initial mold assessment will include four total samples; more samples can be taken upon request.  Depending on observations made during the visual inspection, the inspector will determine the type of samples taken.  Options offered are air and surface sampling.  Surface types include swab, tape, or bulk samples.  The purpose of the mold assessment is 1) Determine IF mold is present within the property, and 2) Determine WHAT TYPES of molds are present within the property (in the air or visibly).

Sample Mold Inspection Report

What Happens After My Mold Inspection?

Once the samples are collected, they are taken to a qualified laboratory for testing. The turn around time is typically 3 business days from the mold lab. Once results are received, the GreenWorks client will receive a full report listing the types of molds found within the samples, list of conducive conditions within the property, and any recommendations necessary.  If the client chooses to attend the inspection, a verbal summary of concerns will be communicated at the completion of the assessment.  If the client chooses to wait for the results, GreenWorks inspectors are available for consultation via phone or email.



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