The CPO® Certification is an assurance to pool, spa and water feature owners that they are working with trained professionals.

Certified Pool Inspector/Operator License:

Alex Angulo - #534737

Collin Clark - #578489

Michael Craycraft - #487219

Chris Luedecke - #29783

Paul Luedecke - #463526

Ryan Oxley - #597043

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  • Heater

  • Filter

  • Pool Sweep Pump (if applicable)

  • Time Clock for Circulation Pump or Sweep Pump

  • Visible Plumbing System

  • Pool Surface

  • Deck and Deck Drains

  • Coping

  • Tile

  • Deck-O-Seal

  • Level of Pool - length and width wise

  • Pool Enclosure - is it up to code?

  • Skimmer

  • Spar or Hot Tub

  • Automatic Controls

  • Pool Light with Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter (GFCI)

  • Automatic Cleaning System (if applicable)

  • Fill Line

  • Visible Water Condition

  • Slide (if applicable)

  • Jump/Diving Board (if applicable)

  • Ladder or Grab Rail (if applicable)

  • Visible Signs of Leaks in Circulation System

Gunite Pools

A popular swimming pool choice is a gunite pool. This type of pool is highly durable and it can be created in just about any shape or size. Gunite pools are constructed with rebar framework that is sprayed over a concrete and sand mixture. This is the preferred method over a traditional poured concrete pool. A traditional concrete pool requires a wooden framework so the shape of the basin is held. Gunite material is exceedingly durable, and pools made of this substance are built to last for a long time. The versatility of gunite allows for the ability to create a numerous array of shapes.


Owners of gunite pools can also choose from a variety of finishes to match the theme or color of their outdoor living areas. Plaster finishes are available in an array of shades to match the pool decking you choose. Pebbles or glass finishes can be made for a truly unique, high end appearance. Pool owners can also add  a variety of features to be constructed to their pool. Waterfalls, diving boards, and custom steps can be added. 

Vinyl Pools

Vinyl pools are typically much more economically priced and have a lower initial cost compared to gunite, and fiberglass pools.  

Vinyl-lined pools are very durable and will last for decades.  Vinyl liner swimming pool structures are assembled in modular panels and can be purchased in various sizes. The pool structure has unlimited shape and size potential. This is a great advantage for the customer who has specific size requirements or wants specific design shape. 


Vinyl-lined pools can be installed in a quick timeframe.  Generally, a vinyl-lined inground pool will take aproximately 2-3 weeks to install properly.  The installtion of the substructure of the pool usually only takes approximately 1 week. Also, it is  required that the area around the pool where the concrete deck is to be poured be allowed to settle for 2 - 3 weeks. 

Fiberglass Pools

Fiberglass pools are another type of pool that can be installed in your backyard.  Fiberglass pool are easy to maintain, and the surface of the pool is not porous, as is the case with guite pools.  The non-porous surface of fiberglass pools prevents algate from growing on the surface and this greatly reduces the amount of time needed to clean the pool, and also the amount of chemical needed. The maintence and chemical usage is around 75% less than that of a typically concrete/gunite pool.  


A fiberglass pool can also be installed much faster than that of a gunite pool.  Since the fiberglass pool shell is built at an off site manufacturing center, the actual installation of the fiberglass pool at a home is approximately 2 days. A gunite pool installation can take from three to six months to complete. 

Fiberglass pools are also well known for their durability.  A fiberglass pool liner does not tear like that of a vinyl pool.




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